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Epic Heroes War Hack Apk Download – How to Get 50K GEMS in Holy Summon

Epic Heroes War Hack Apk Download

In 2019, Epic Heroes Battle Hack Cheats For Unlimited Gems: Are you brave enough to fight and win the title of Epic Heroes War ?

Epic Heroes War is an online side-scroller defense strategy game that incorporates RPG. Create in quests and battles with other players a powerful army and kill enemy hordes!

Then you have to get the action RPG game that will place you in charge with Epic Heroes War of a fancy monster kingdom. You can send them to the ultimate battle from the cute little hatch lings by eating, practice, and increasing your monsters. His extremely popular media and smartphone game today. For an extended period of time, I experience Epic Heroes War and examine many cheats as well as hacks. I recognize the benefits of Mobile Legends and I plan to show it to you. But let’s think about gameplay for the new Epic Heroes War hack apk

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Epic Heroes War Video Tutorial Guide


How to hack Epic Heroes War

The game is free for downloading and playing. The designers provided you with that, but they also added an in-game currency that regulates the game’s entire economy. The game’s main currencies are gold and gems, the most powerful of which the gems hold.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some legitimate Epic Heroes War hack that can also support beginners and pro-level players.

Top 14 Epic Heroes Unlimited Gems War Hack and Cheats

1. Know Monster’s ability correctly

Each monster has a particular ability to deal with a particular element. Both components have a one-to – one combat priority configuration. Therefore, it is essential to know correctly about Monster’s affinity to the dimension and what gives the elements privilege.

This element priority decides the combat outcome. For team building as well as defensive tactics, the game algorithm must be kept in mind. Nevertheless, you can get all these trainings at the start of the game but follow our list of elements below for better understanding.

2. Strategy of team building

Making a proper Monster group involves mixing and matching approach. You need to check your elementary affinity. Control of primary ecosystems must first be released. Clicking on the Monster will help you to understand what Monster’s key skills are and what needs to be unlocked.

However, it may be tempting to raise and feed monsters all day, but when they are set for battle, the real game starts, and the real skill works on the battlefield.

3. Be a caretaker

Breeding the Monster will completely change the game scenario with the right strategy. A simple alteration of the correct method can land in the game up to a mess. The monsters categorically have an affinity to four essential elements of nature.

It’s fire, water, earth, nature. In contrast, there are two components within the four main ecosystems. Two separate elementary monsters crossbreeding creates a stronger beast. Therefore, a clever breeding method will give you an advantage in the war, and you don’t need to have any other cheats for Epic Heroes War even if the particular monster mix is your enemy.

4. Nurture the monsters and feed them

Feeding your monster is a crucial job to make them happy in the game. Epic Heroes War cheats say you’ve got to produce food to feed your dragons accordingly. When you enter the game, you’ll know the monster’s food requirement.

An important task is proper optimization of food production. It’s worth saying that you need a list of plants to feed the beast. When your level increases, your plant diversity increases, and you need to give them time to grow for a better yield.

5. Fulfill the daily tasks

The daily tasks are a tremendous source of income at a lower level, and you have to pursue that. When you’re not sure of your plan at the initial stage, performing the achievement tasks gives you goal-oriented gameplay. You get services like gold foods and, in some cases, diamonds when you achieve these goals.

Daily tasks, such as collecting gold or hatching monsters, are quite easy to complete. Since you are in charge of the game’s necessary skills, you can complete all the tasks. For daily login, Epic Heroes War cheats say you get one gem and complete all the daily tasks you get three gems. You’re going to have plenty of gold for all other work.

6. Watch videos from Monsterwood

You can get monster wood videos when you complete 20 days of playing. Monsterwood is a player region, and our best Epic Heroes War hack where ads (most of them usually 30 seconds long) can be watched for jewelry, gold, food, relics, monster cells, beasts and more. Social Point provides players with daily happy hours to show more ads and get more rewards.

7. Level up through experience

Leveling up in your game is the best way to get a recurring gem. You need to earn XPs to boost your level, which can be achieved in multiple ways. There’s a level meter at the top of the game that displays your goal to level up as well as the Xps you’ve earned.

Now, you can earn 500 XPS by completing the daily task as we mentioned earlier. Certain Epic Heroes War cheats to win XPs are debris clearing, monster combat, and friends adding. You make the most of this by cleaning up your property.

8. Definite meteorites

For an opportunity to discover a gem on your island, you must clear every meteorite. Meteors are frequently found in the world. While removing trees, you must clear them from the ground as well. In addition to earning XP a few times, the gems are hidden below. You get to pick them as you clear it up.

9. Battle bosses on the map of adventure.

Playing on adventure maps can get you XP, but you get a chance to win gems when you fight against the boss. But you need legendary monsters to win the game in this situation. It is possible to buy legendary monsters with gems and worth buying in deals.

10. Never spend gems for a regular task.

Gems are the prime item in the Epic Heroes War that can give you everything you need. In case of spending money, we specifically advise you to be a miser. Never try to accomplish every mission and be patient. Otherwise, unknowingly, you would lose a lot of gems that can be valuable at a later stage. Don’t ever spend any gem to buy any food gold asset unless you’ve changed your stone.

11. That’s right. The gem’s spending priorities

You must prioritize the requirement while spending gems. As an example, we recommend that you always save gems instead of getting a breeding tree from getting a legendary monster. Even in sale and bid, the breeding tree needs 75 gems.

That’s enough if you get Breeding Guardian. Saving gems, you can get a legendary monster and for quite a long time you can be on top of the leader board.

12. Not buy more builders and hatchers

While some user suggests having all five builders, the hack of Our Epic Heroes War is to do your job with only two builders. It’s the same with hatcheries. Our hack is just getting two of them and leaving the rest. You can save a lot of gems in this case.

13. PVP

Monster mythology is not about breeding and feeding, but it’s about winning battles first charging those low-level beasts while battling in progressives. One of the cheats of the Epic Heroes War is to get out of the chase and put in your primary monsters and position them again.

You’re going to face low-level opponents that you can easily win.

14. Connect with Facebook

Linking your Facebook account gives you plenty of gems and gold. When you first connect, you also get a chance to win some of Monster’s rare eggs. Also, always do this to get more and more gold when you are encouraged to share your achievement.

What is Epic Heroes War Gems Generator?

We often suggest, as a warning message, that there are two ways to gain success in the game. What we are suggesting is the shortest path. Some player, however, is always looking for a shorter method of hacking Epic Heroes War Android.

You may be facing any Amazing Heroes War Gems Generator page on the internet. These sites are entirely fake sites and do not produce any gems; instead, in the name of human verification, they steal some personal information. Do not enter your website and follow the Epic Heroes War cheats listed below.


Here we’re finishing our Epic Heroes War hack post. Trust our listed methods to know how to hack Epic Heroes War through their gameplay are adequate for you. The game is still expansive, however, and may require extra effort. We’re going to update them when we find anything important. You can also inform us about any of them by posting below.

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