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1. Pick Your Class

In this game there are three classes:
-Hunter -Hunter
-Mage -Mage
Hunter Hunter
Hunter has a 50 percent chance to survive an assault. His armor is very strong (25%)

And it’s yielding an arc. Hunters will wash out a large part of the damage and survive a little more than Mages can do. Hunters are said to be very effective dungeon crawlers, since very few mage monsters are in dungeons and they can only prevail over even tougher enemies by usually escape and not losing their attacks when they get lucky. Dexterity is the primary status of Hunters.
Overall: Hunters are a fine way to advance rapidly!

The Guerrier

Warrior’s a class of tanky folk. It has a special slot where the shield is equipped. In the definition Shield has a chance to block an attack normally by 25 percent on higher levels (15 and so on). Their primary arms are maces and swords. They do the weakest harm, but their health is crazy. Warriors in guild wars, mostly raids, are said to be very useful since raid monsters last long and do no much harm. Warriors’ primary status is courage
Overall, if you choose squad guild gameplay, warriors are a good choice!

Mage Mage

Mage is the damage class. It has tremendous damage, but a very short health bar. As a key weapon, they carry staves. Mage is decent in PvP, and the highest Hall of Fame also features mages. You may miss a hit, because you do not know about shield. They even end dungeons very easily but not as easily as Hunters. It is easy to monitor the mage, so I would suggest beginning this class.
Overall: PvP masters are wizards, but they are very easy to handle. Nice newbies preference.

2. Class Stat Builds

Each class should create this potion:
-Potion of primary status
-Potion constitution
-Eternal Survival Potion *.
If you do not shroom, you can use Luck Potion rather than PoEL *, or Potion to avoid other classes (it is separate from your key stat potion).

I propose that Hunters create this way:
Power: 2/3 Power
Dexterity: spend gold first on it, it’s the biggest stat!
Smartness: More than Strong
Constitution: Dexterity 4/5
Luck: Dexterity 3/4.
Gnomes and elves are the recommended groups for hunters, because of the ethnic status bonuses.

I propose that Warriors build like this:
Strenght: it’s matched with constitution, maybe 6/5 of constitution.
Dexterity: Far better than intellect.
Smartness: 2/3 Dexterity
Constitution: Power balance
Luck: 2/3 Strict.
Orcs and Demons are recommended courses for fighters.

I propose that Mages build this way:
Tightness: More than dexterity
Dexterity: Power 2/3
Intelligence: invest gold on it first, it’s the most valuable status!
Constitution: 2/3 Smartness
Luck: You should reconcile the condition with the Constitution, and it is your duty to deal as much harm as possible.
The Dark Elves are recommended lessons for Magi.

You will note that I didn’t match trash statistics (dates for statistics other than primary, con, and luck), it works for me to do so, because you have a minor advantage over these groups.
Hunters > Warriors, so they can avoid their assault.
Mages > Hunters, so they can’t miss them.
Warriors > Mages, since they can clean their damage more easily than mages, can clean the huge HP bar of Warriors.

3. Class Machinery Builds

A total of 9 items can be fitted by hunters. You get more discounts on a pistol, so it should be focused on dexterity. For Dexterity: Constitution, 9 other things should be matched like 5:3. You don’t have to pay luck, just pay a handful on it.

Warriors can furnish 10 items in total, but there is no weapon bonus. Instead, they get a shield that can even pimp stats a little.
I’d go with Strength: Constitution with 6:4. Again, I’m not going to include luck products.

Mages will outfit a limit of nine items with a weapons bonus (like Hunters). All intelligence products should be fitted but for the constitutional personnel. You should go to Intelligence: Constitution with 7:2 as well. If you have one, you should insert a Luck Epic as well. It will improve the vital hit a little.

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