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Utopia Origin Hack Speed Game Guardian, HOW TO TAME MOLTEN DRAGON || Feed+ location||

Utopia Origin Hack Speed

Utopia: Origin is a brand new survival game set in a beautiful anime world, and you can have it on Android right now.

You must collect resources, build a house, and cook food to help you survive. The more you play, the more you succeed, creating a whole home and equipment.
Utopia Origin Hack Speed Game Guardian ⚜️ allows you to fly a dragon What equipment do you need? Of course, to go out and battle monsters! You’ll find a wide range of fantasy creatures, from dragons to ogres.

You can create full plate armor suits, huge swords, and weaponry. You can get a mount like a horse or even a dragon for yourself. Sure, on the dragon you will fly.

In Utopia: Origin, you can explore all you want in the beautiful Utopian country. You can learn all kinds of skills to gather and make resources useful. You will build weapons and armor and build shelters in the night to protect you from mysterious monsters. To survive, you must take care of your health, your appetite, and your thirst.

Utopia Origin Hack Android

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Utopia Origin Video Guide Tutorial

You can also dress several mounts from a donkey to a pony and a dragon. One of the many ways to play solo would be through communicating with others and teaming up to fight enemies or challenging monsters.

Utopia: Origin is a brand new HERO Game mobile survival adventure game. HERO Game, the designers of Warrior Saga have just launched a brand-new open-world survival MMORPG, in which you will spawn in an unusual place to start your survival journey in one of the Archipelagos. You can tame many animals, build a house, explore the open world and do a lot of things. If you just started playing the game or you are looking for suggestions, then today’s Utopia: Origin Guide and Utopia: Origin tips, cheats & tactics will benefit you.


1.) First-time entry–You can use the regular option on a lobby screen to choose the game mode after logging into the game. The game allows you to play in room and world mode. Thousands of players play simultaneously in world mode. The server can hold 10-50 players at a time in room mode.


You have to choose to play mode after mode selection; harmony and chaos. Players can not assault buildings, hot springs and each other in the peace mode. All players are vulnerable in chaos mode; players can target each other, and facilities. We recommend starting with the peace mode because it allows you to learn the basics.


You will be able to switch between PvP and peace mode after level 20. When you choose PvP mode, you can be targeted by other players. It means players playing in peace mode. You can attack any player in PvP mode (above level 20).


In Utopia: The original game is shielded to players (below level 20). When the master/player reaches level 20, this shield is removed.


As you know, we can switch between PvP and peace mode on level 20 in peace mode. You will be punished and the game will give you dangers if you kill a player in peace mode. It can take you to the prison (restricted area). So don’t strike peace mode game.

Archipelago–Beia(World) has several archipelagos; you can see the number of the archipelago at the top-left corner just below the mini-map. You and your friend must be in the same archipelago if you want to play with friends. Ask them for the number of the archipelago. Click the hand icon-> relay beacon-> you can open your map where more locations are visible; zoom out and click. To teleport, switch to the beacon portal. Tap the Archipelago number on the top left and pick the server (archipelago) on which your friends are staying. Tap a location and press the now button after selecting the number/server. You need orbs to teleport between servers; Imps to kill orbs. Utopia: source.

2.) The Basics–Well, the game does not require you to carry out unique tasks or missions, so it might be hard to do what. The real challenge is to survive as much as possible. At the top right corner, you can look at the status of the master’s body; health; starvation; and thirst (water). You will have to feed the boss, drink water and keep the health alive all the time.

  • Water –locate a nearby lake or river to drink water, and plunge into it.
  • Food–Natural discovery and quest for berry brewers; red berry, blueberry. Click the hand icon to pick any berries near to the bush. Such items can be consumed from the shortcut bar or inventory (tap on the bag button below). Hunt ducks, pigs and more animals for better food. You can roast the raw meat if you build the campfire.
  • Health–Some good / roasted food (heat, cooked meat) restores health. Wellbeing: The magic wand can also be used to restore the HP.


Building A House–You can build a small house on the Island with floors, walls, doors, roofs, windows & fences, stairs. Tap the button at the top right corner (tap whatever you see there)–> to the left, pick the hand tab and open the build app. You can get these items from there; stairs, roof, floors, etc. You need resources to build these articles: wood, stroke, clay, stone and more. Explore the map and collect the objects. You can get wood from the forest, rock stone, iron mine magnet, mud earth clay. Tap the + icon for more information on the piece. Click the make button if you have everything packed.


  • Storage–a certain number of items can be stored. Install a warehouse and store products there. Place it near the lighting portal or a sleeping bag, as we don’t remember the exact spot often. The sleeping bag can be monitored on the mini-map.
  • Campfire –defends you against some monsters and warms your body and roasts raw meat. The temperature can be tested at the top left.
  • Job Bench–allows you to build machinery.
  • Sleeping bag–You can track and position it on the map.
  • Oven–Smelt, smooth ores.

To enter the equipment, tap the handling icon on the upper right corner-> on the bottom, pick the workbench.

Collecting and exploring–

To manufacture such objects, you need resources. For example, you need iron, orbs, crystal, and more to build weapons and armors. You will have to explore the whole map for these things. Tap the minimum map-> zoom out to see all the locations on the top left. Some of the maps are covered with fog, while some areas can be visited via lighting portals. Continue to explore and collect rare resources.

Where is the portal of the beacon?

The beacon portal is referred to on the mini-map as a teleport icon (see image above). Visit this point and you’ll find the door of the beacon. Go near the door, tap the handicraft icon-> choose teleport beacon-> pick a location (another teleport tower)-> spend orbs. Until you start your exploration, make sure that you have enough food, weapons. When you die, all things in the backpack will be lost. But, by visiting the same place where you died, you can get all the things again.


Utopia: OriginTaming an animal or a creature in Utopia: Origin lets you explore a vast area, as animals like horses are fast, you can explore it in no time. But the process of taming is not quick. This is how to tame the Utopian animals: game of origin: –

  • Stun them with the club of wood.
  • Give food and please.
  • Use the object you find to capture it.

Stun–Use the item of the wooden club(you can make a twenty-piece wood tap the crafting icon on the top right-hand side-> go to a hand tab-> weapon). Use this product to beat and reduce animal health. After the animal has been defeated a few times, the game can cause the animal to be stunned. Keep in mind you don’t have the animal to kill.

Give food-> Tap the hand icon (go to the animal) when it’s stunning. The animal will then show you his favorite food. Place it in the shortcut bar (Tap the bag-> tape the food item-> the shortcut bar). Click the food item on the bottom of the shortcut bar until finished.

The formula is different for each species. For instance, some horses need carrots while others don’t. Search the map and find food items.

Use Capturing item-> The game will tell you the message after the animal has been fed a few times; the animal is happy and ready to catch. Use the item of capture to tame. There is a different item for different animals. For example, you need Mount Saddle to tame the horse. You can use the collar to catch hot dogs.

You can produce these things! Tap the icon at the top-right corner-> on the left side of the menu, choose the hand-> and then pick the items section-> in the companions & mounts, all these items are accessible.

Tap the menu button-> pet-> from the top-left of the screen, you can pick the mounts.

You will have to increase the master level to unlock new items. The level bar can be tested at the top left. To level up in Utopia: you need EXP from the beginning. When you collect resources, destroy animals, create something new, you get EXP. The two best ways to quickly level up in Utopia are collecting and killing animals: the original game.

So this is a brief utopia: the beginners ‘ guide. Look at Utopia: Origin hints, cheats & walkthrough strategy!

Utopia: Source Tips, Tricks & Walkthrough Strategy.

1.) Tame AA ASAP Pony.

Mounting your horse lets you explore and collect quickly; you can ride long distances (covered with fog) and collect rare, precious things. On the other side, if you walk across long-distance areas, you will consume time and calories. In Utopia, we suggest that you tame a horse as quickly as possible, feed carrot, use the saddle. A horse can easily be found; it’s popular.

2.) Home A House Near Beacon Gateway.

You can create tons of facilities in Utopia: furnace, workbench, awning, forge, a workbench for vehicles, and more. Rather than randomly place all these amenities, it would be better to place them in the building. The next thing we recommend you do is to build a house. Collect the materials for the building products required for the house; roof, walls, floor, stairs, doors and much more.

3.) Bring the bag together!

Many objects are very rare and not found near the portal area of the beacon. For these items, you will have to explore many islands on the map. Make sure to prepare the pack before heading to these long-distance areas and add enough basic resources; plenty of food (BBQ), wood (to make weapons) and drinks (milk bottles).
Utopia: Origin 4.) To restore HP, use the Magic Wall.

The magic wall is one of Utopia’s best items: the game of origin. It can be assembled with ten pieces of wood and one magnet. After that, a sign must be drawn to trigger the magic on the wall pad. Here you can read how:–Install the wall-> tap the green wall icon to open the pad at bottom right-> draw a circle icon-> tap verify-> tap the test button-> keep the pad down for a few seconds after you tap the check button. It recovers the HP.

Further symbols are available as well, paw symbol, symbol of volt, symbol of infinity, triangle. Google Play & App Store

5.) Once you are all set, go vulnerable.

Once you’ve mastered everything, taming recettes, survival strategies, construction, crafts, peace mode gathering, we suggest that you join the PvP mode. In this mode, all players are dangerous after level 20; strike, loot and live.

6.) Get the items back, you’re gone into last life.

If the player dies during the game, the body respawns (the teleport tower can be selected) if no-one goes ahead to save. Therefore, all things in the backpack are gone. All these things can be returned by visiting the same location. You’re going to find the bag there. But time is limited, so be fast.

So these are the ultimate utopia: beginner ideas. If you have additional strategic tips to share with other teams, comment below!

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