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Top Eleven Football Manager Android Hack Apk Free Download – How To Make The Best Player (Part 1)

Top Eleven Football Manager Android Hack Apk Free Download

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Top Eleven Video Guide Tutorial

The elite manager’s generation is perfect for us. While the attention was always on the greats on the field, the modern game is also intrigued by those who stalk the touchline. Whether Mourinho, Guardiola, Emery or Heynckes, tactical us are almost as enviable as the ability to retreat. Top Eleven Football Manager Android Hack Apk Free Download 💎, the very popular mobile soccer manager for free play sim, taps in and allows players to fulfill their dormant coaching potential.
How can you, however, ensure that your management career scales heady heights and stop the daunting confidence vote in the boardroom? We talked to Riley Hammersly, Community Manager at the Nordeus developers, who gave some of the best tips to help you get some silverware.

1. Select the right training for you and your players.

The right formation is an art form and is often selected by experts as well as casual fans. The British football team in the 1990s was dominated by classic 4-4-2 (bread and butter) by Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United triple-winning teams. It now seems a little more complicated, with false nine, wingbacks and versatile classes more trendy than ever before.
So what is the best training? Simply put, it’s up to you. Hammersly says, “Just like real football, we have managers who prefer to stay for the entire season and others, who are adjusting their tactics to combat the set-up of their rivals. Many managers base their recruitment on the preparation they want to play and others design their training around their strongest stars.” “No one is winning, however, it is important to ensure that your main players play in a structure that maximizes their ability,” continues Hammersly. “We’ve got a clear picture for newbies of formation and tactics that you have to imitate your favorite teams.

2. Build a strong base on and off the field.

Once beginning in a new club, most managers say that they want something permanent, ignoring the fact that most workers have a longer shelf life than most dairy products. Top Eleven, however, provides players with complete control and a chance for managers to create a soccer empire. That said, empires are often founded on solid foundations.
“In the initial stages, a manager should focus on building in the correct areas. Make sure your group is balanced and has a strong player base that can last a few years as you advance through the divisions,” says Hammersly. To boost ticket sales, it is also necessary to expand the stadium, giving the club the chance to grow. Hammersly adds “if you have the full capacity of your stadium continuously, be sure to build the funds. The more supporters you have, the higher the profits from ticket sales, which will raise your transfer funds.”

3. Take the time to change your workout.

Championship-winning teams are not constructed in one day, so effort needs to be put into the training field for your players to develop. However, just throwing your team up and down on the training pitch will not lead to glory. Alternatively, you need to time and find out which training sessions fit your team best.
Hammersly says, “You should schedule the sessions in the fields you would like to improve in your team so that depends on the case-by-case situation. Young players can progress more rapidly than older players, so preparation is far more valuable and vital to their growth.”

4. Sensibly budget with the Finance section.

Too many clubs fall into the trap of over-consumption, only to take the financial rock out from below and find that the shadow of administration falls. To avoid being a watchful tale such as Portsmouth, Parma or Fiorentina (although they have bounced back spectacularly), budgeting is critical.
Top Eleven provides a segment on finance that will help you manage the money of your club and make sure you don’t fall into a debt trap. When it comes to financing, Hammersly warns that contracts must be signed only when you can respect them: “Sign the contracts that suit how committed you can be to the top eleven. If you think you’d be logging into every day during the season, sign contracts that reward them.” Hammersly says, “Hopefully your ticket price is fair, you don’t want your fans to be so costly that if they’re too cheap, though, you won’t get enough money to pay your salaries and raise your transfers.”

5. Take advantage of the Top 11 community.

It takes a village to raise a successful football team, and in the Top Eleven community spirit is central to both the managers ‘ continuing success and to the game itself. Hammersly says, “Our Top Eleven community is extremely important to our players and the future of the game. Many of the changes made are a result of valuable feedback received from our community.” Through a very active forum and social media channels, managers can engage, learn and compete with each other, while the team recently launched its community website where you can search for Top Eleven groups from around the world or even start your own. There is also a monthly YouTube series where the team introduces a player’s life and their daily involvement with the game and football. To make the most of the top eleven, you have to accept this energy in the culture.

6. Use the squad sizes changed.

With managers looking to compete on several fronts, rotation is important. A league can certainly be won with an initial 11 stable, but cup tournaments and unexpected injuries mean that a deep team is a necessity. Fortunately, Top Eleven now provides updated squad sizes which give managers more rotational opportunities.

Hammersly says, “With up to three competitions running during the season (League, Cup, Champions League / Super League), 28 players will help you have your stars some rest throughout the season at critical times, all while improving academic players and getting ski slots for transfers should you find your team fit.”

7. To win the Cup, pre-season training is necessary.

Winning the Cup is a huge achievement in the Top Eleven and begins one day in a new season, unlike League and Champions League.
Hammersly advises you, “To get the contest started right, continue with your training for the pre-season, as soon as you can be a big help. After your last match ends in the previous season, search for friends and play with the teams to have a solid game plan at the start of the next season.” On the first day of the season, it’s time to go to the training and transfers if your club needs to improve. Hammersly added that “Taking your first few cup ties with your team incentives of up to 10 percent and strong line lead players is a perfect way to move on. For later rounds, take a look at turning your players in the league to keep them fresh.” Hammersly concludes, “Scout the groups of your opponents and see if there is a chance perhaps to offer a player more suitable for some time.”

Top Eleven Football Manager, created and released by Nordeus in May 2010, is an online football manager for simulation and is available from the Google Play Store and App Store.

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