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This free survival MMORPG set in a highly fantasy stormy world Stormfall Saga Of Survival Mod Apk Free Craft , you can survive, explore and master crafts and spells.

Once an outstanding storm master, you were betrayed in the fight for power. After being exiled, you must now live a life of exile and learn to survive in the Eastern March-a snow-capped mountain peak, ancient witchcraft, forgotten ruins and wild beasts hunting on a barren land. You must fight hunger, craft weapons for hunting, build shelters, and survive against corrupt beasts and other creatures in exile.


There will be a time for redemption, but first…

You must survive.

Download now and join the battle in this challenging MMORPG! Explore the new world and find the secrets hidden in it.

Fight and fight

You must stand up again to challenge the enemy and open up your position. Craft and loot powerful weapons and quarrel with the beasts and corrupt monsters in the forest. Know yourself and find out if you have what you need to survive. Always stay vigilant and fight for battle!

Construction and crafts

Explore and use whatever you find to protect yourself. Learn how to make new weapons, tools and armor based on your mission. Live with nature and replenish your supplies through hunting and looting. Build and improve shelters to become the host of the Eastern Parade.

Learn secret spells

Challenge yourself and discover the secret of magic. Craft runes will power your weapons and provide you with a better chance of survival. Master the mystery of magic to deal with those who obstruct you.

Explore the unknown

If you have enough courage to face the challenge, then the dark forest and snowy mountains of the Eastern Parade belong to you. Discover the secrets of arcane ruins, find loot, master land knowledge, and explore new areas of the wilderness to understand the powerful magic that permeates them.

Resist the curse

You cannot escape the quest to survive in the dark. You must avoid its alluring magic and learn the secrets of the goddess who can help you fight with them. Are you willing to accept the challenge?

Find factions

Meet faction ambassadors at your shelter and learn their secrets. Build your reputation by completing faction missions and increase your power level. Make sure your call is to be the side guard of this world, arcanist or shadow dealer!

Master the wild

In order to survive, you will have to become one with the savage. Tame a horse to help you travel and rob faster. Take up the courage and find out whether you have the courage to complete this task. The big bad world is waiting. You cannot hide in the shelter forever. Are you ready to conquer it?

Defeat the darkness

Creatures on the ground are not the only challenge waiting for you. In the darkest area in the world, you can find the most evil evil. Fight with them and snatch the treasures and weapons filled with the arcane arts of the ancients.

Build your clan

The smoke surrounding the mountain next door is just one thing-in this world, you are not alone. Outside of your shelter, you will find the strangest forms of exile and magic. How do you deal with other exiles in order to survive. Choose wisely, otherwise you may go the wrong way!

Beginner’s guide

New character settings

There are many options to personalize your exile. From skin tone to tattoo, the appearance of the exile is completely up to you. To name or modify the appearance of the exile at any time, click the profile picture in the upper left corner.

Then, click “Avatar Icon” from the left menu.

You can then name the exile from this area and customize it. Don’t forget to click “Apply” when you are done.

Game settings and options

You can customize the game from the “Game Options” menu. After clicking the avatar, select the gear as shown below. You can choose the language, music, sound and blood, and graphics level of the game display. Important note: Make sure to bind your account to Facebook or Google Play by connecting one of the two boxes at the bottom of the screen as shown in the image below.

Selecting the “Notifications” button in the upper right corner will allow you to select the notifications you wish to receive from the game.

Announcement content

You can read all the information about the latest updates, new content, bug fixes, and game events in the announcement tab.


When the “i” icon is selected, the information screen can be found. In this screen, you will find links to contact support staff, information about Plarium’s privacy policy and terms of use and licensing, and a link to the “Facebook Survival Legend” page under the development blog. Important information: At the bottom of this screen, you will find your player ID number and UM number. These numbers identify you as a player, and you will need to provide these numbers when contacting support. We recommend that you pay attention to these figures and keep them properly.

HP, thirst, curse

HP or life value is your health. When you fight with monsters, when you are hungry, thirsty or hurt, your life will be reduced. Eating health food or food will increase your HP. Some examples include healer bags, bandages, added water, cheese, and roasts.

Hunger is indicated by the “fork and knife” icon. Hunger will decrease with the acquisition of resources. You can increase your hunger by eating foods such as berries, cheese, grilled meat and hearty soups.

Thirst is indicated by the “put down” icon. Thirst decreases when fighting monsters. To increase thirst, drink water, berry tea, mead or other items indicated in the game.

The curse is indicated by the “eye” icon and the purple number next to it. The higher the curse, the easier it is for the enemy to perceive you from a distance. The curse makes sneak attacks more difficult. Your curse can be as high as 200. At 50, you cannot sneak attack. At 100, you will attract or attract half of the area. At 200, you will pull or attract all enemies in the area. Drinking potions or cursed foods can help keep this number low.


The number next to the avatar image indicates your level. You can gain level by gaining experience points. Experience points can be gained by harvesting resources, making handicrafts, building and improving shelters, defeating monsters and upgrading handicraft stations.
Elite Pass, Holy Pass and Free Premium

Two passes are available for purchase. Elite Pass and Holy Pass.

The Sacred Pass can enhance your exile experience through the 8 rewards listed above, and includes the function of claiming smuggler rewards without watching ads.

The Free Premium plan allows players who have not purchased the Elite or Divine Pass to activate the Premium plan for 1 hour by watching ads. After activation, the free premium version program is available every four hours.

Gems, vaults, tokens

The Elite Pass will increase the parameters of the exiles in the following ways:

  • +50% experience increase
  • + 25% maintenance efficiency
  • + 50% ranking points
  • +50% mission points
  • + 25% reduction in detection ability
  • +25 hunger reduction
  • + 25% reduction in thirst
  • + 25% health resilience

Make menu

The craft menu is located on the right side of the screen. When you level up Exile, you will be rewarded for making items and workstations using harvested or plundered resources.

To make an item, you must include the necessary ingredients in the bag inventory, and then just click on the icon on the right side of the screen to scroll down to the desired item.

Tip: At level 4, you will be able to craft and upgrade Signal Fire. You can use this operation to access the world map, participate in the chat room and visit new locations on the world map.

Upgrade process workstation

After building a crafting station from the crafting menu and placing it in your shelter, you can upgrade the station to be able to add other items. To upgrade your workstation, open the workstation. In the upper left corner of the anvil, the arrow is an arrow. Click the arrow and fill in the slot. After filling in the items, they cannot be deleted, so please choose carefully.

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