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Power Rangers Legacy Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Crystals v3.0.4 Get Free Coins, Crystals


POWER RANGERS: LEGACY WARS – an Android game released on March 22, 2017. Action game. The article described numerous tips and tricks for passing the game from professional poker players, developers “answers to gamers” questions, secrets for passing the game. Check Wise Geek regularly for updates.

How to raise bravery?

Unleash the warrior.
Collect as many Zeo-shards as you can to reach 100%. (the warrior experience bar will fill up and turn green).
pick your squad (via the side navigation bar).
Open the heart.
Click the “Upgrade” button under the team portion. By raising warrior level, your attack power and health will improve.



Make sure you have enough experience points to level up your warrior. If you are running out of Strength coins, you can use Strength crystals.

How to maximize a warriors skill (section 2)

In order to boost your Cell 2 skill you should be in League 3. (or higher). Collect Eltar spheres from the Morph corruption package, as well as from the premium Morph corruption box bought at the shop. To boost your skills, for example:

So go to the team settings and pick the warrior you want to update.
If the bar for your first possible skill is complete, tap it.
Click “Improve” to improve the ability.

The more harm it does, the more destructive it becomes. Cannot be upgraded to a level higher than the players level. The forms in each level are defensive, shock, and balanced. Warriors may be classified into various types in accordance with their positions. Each warrior needs to sharpen his/her skills with different techniques (cell 2). For enhancing your skills, you’ll also benefit from player development.

How to Hack? Power Rangers Legacy Wars – GET UNLIMITED Power Crystals!

Fight players in real-time.

Strategize, dodge and battle against real players in this real-time multiplayer PvP action and unlock various arenas, including the Throne Room, the Terror Spaceship, the Dino Lab and more. Challenge your skills to foreign players and climb up the leaderboard.

Stunning console quality graphics.

Experience the Rangers in full-blown 3D with fantastic graphics and animation. This fighting game looks so amazing.


Unlock new Rangers and collect 80+ power rangers. You will collect villains such as Lord Zedd, Goldar, Psycho Rangers and more.


With giant robots falling from the sky, it’s time to rumble. You can personalize your Megazord with Super Attacks. About 12 brand new Super Powers to kill the enemy! Form an alliance with your Megazords to fight against other alliances to win the war.

Highly customized teams.

Pick your favorite heroes or superstars and build your awesome squad. Upgrade your favorite warriors and bring them into your army. With your ultimate squad, you will challenge top players from around the world in battle.

BE Bigger.

You can upgrade your best fighters with Zeo shards won from campaigns, missions and more to boost their combat statistics. To become a big global power.

Act with your colleagues!

To create alliances to cooperate, exchange and communicate plans and tactics. Even teach yourself by watching other players’ replays. Get in contact with other alliances in your party. Make Alliance Missions your priority target.

Do you have any free warriors from earlier leagues?

Yes. In this way, you will be able to have special soldiers from this league for the rest of the fight. You do not have to give up your Medal or place for the chance to open a warrior from a previous league.

Talents what are they?

Talents can help strengthen team members’ personalities. Use “Register” and “Information” buttons to display information. Tap the Interests tab here. Through using each skill, you can see how it progresses, the value in essences, and criteria for progress. When you hover over any squad, you will see what qualities the team have, which will change over time (leader and two support soldiers). Talents help to strengthen the following capabilities of warriors and teams:.

Improves wellbeing, raises it.
Injury – raises cumulative injury;.
Impact Damage – Decreases effective damage from impact skills.
Damage absorbed from defensive ability;.
Armor – decreases cumulative damage when fighting an enemy.
Impact armor – improves survivability by improved damage tolerance.
Penetration-resistant armor is widely used among military fighting vehicles.
Armor – thwarts damage from defensive abilities;.
Critical – increases the damage done during critical attacks.
Reduces the probability of an attack having a crucial outcome.

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