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Nitro Nation Cheats iPhone Drag & Drift MOD 👉 I Got FREE Nitro Nation Drag & Drift 100K+ GOLD CASH (iOS & Android)

Nitro Nation is the addicting drag racing game

Nitro Nation is the addicting drag racing game for people who live 1/4 mile at a time!

Dozens of real licensed automobiles race, mod and tune. Start a team, get your friends invited, win tournaments. Trade automobile parts in real time with other racers and make your dream car!

NITRO NATION is a video competition that excites you with last generation 3D graphics. Take advantage of the adrenaline and speed that this app offers, choose your car, make changes to your liking, unlock new cars, play with your friends, build your own competition team, challenge other players worldwide on line, and more in NITRO NATION.

Run, change and tun many authorized cars in NITRO NATION. Start a group, welcome your teammates and win the competitions, negotiate the items and build the car you’d always wanted with other online specialists.

tun many authorized cars


More than 100 authentic automobiles of prominent international car brands

LOTS OF CARS – Exotic Supercars? Check. Tuners and racing streets? Check. Modern and classical muscle? You bet! You bet! The best thing? More of them are continually coming to the game!

We’ve got more than 100 authentic automobiles of prominent international car brands such as Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Subaru and Volkswagen – and many others!

FAIR PLAY – no ‘fuel’ you must expect. “Delivery time” for autos or upgrades is free. Each car is competitive and “premium” modifications are not available. It’s all about the skill and commitment of the athlete.

REAL RACERS & TEAMS – We’re all about multi-player racing, an online rival is constantly waiting on the road or the path for you. Begin by racing from 1/8 to 1 mile, join a team, win tournaments, work your way up the leaderboard rankings, or get your nerves tested in wagering races.

your way up the leaderboard rankings

Join a Live Multiplayer Race, play with friends

Join a Live Multiplayer Race, play with friends and opponents across the world in real time! Compete in weekly regional competitions and get to the Worldwide Gold Elite Racing Division via the bronze and silver divisions!

EPIC UPGRADES – Upgrade and upgrade 33 unique automotive components with three levels of aftermarket designs. Meet your requirements for speed and design a unique top drag racing machine. Have you ever thought about smoking in your 800 HP Volkswagen Golf an exotic sports car? It happens in the streets of NN every day.

PERSONAL TOUCH – tailor your drag car to cool stickers, arrange as you desire. Choose your own original color for each bit of paint and finish. Add real Toyo Tires and Tec Speedwheels, attach aftermarket bumpers, bumpers and spoilers to provide a unique style to your car!

Automobile GEEKS WELCOME — powered by the CARX Physics Engine, we have the most genuine car physics available on the market. Adjust your gear to specific specs, dynographs, gearboxes and complex race data will assist you to use your racing knowledge.

What’s drifting? Drift is a new mode where your tires are good to burn! In Drift Racing with Betting, you compete face to face with another player and earn points by drifting as professionally as possible. Compare the results of your race with the leaderboard in the Drift Seasons! This new driving style is supported by all cars. The Suspension Enhancement menu is designed specifically to help you improve your drift capabilities and increase your score. Test Drive – Drive mode becomes your best friend in order to create the best possible suspension settings and practice drifting skills.

Drift is a new mode

Drift management options. You can select and customize the Drift controls as desired. There are 3 acceleration control types:

  • The pedal where you press while holding the pedal icon.
  • The slider to choose the desired acceleration level.
  • Auto-acceleration, non-stop acceleration, so only the machine control needs to be concentrated.

There are 4 steering types:

  • Steering wheel, like a true steering wheel for driving, where you rotate it.
  • Arrows where the direction of rotation of the car has to be pressed or held.
  • Slider to adjust and control your turning direction.
  • To control the machine, gyroscope, turning the phone side by side.

Two modes of drifting are available: realistic and simplified. To select your preferred driving mode, go on ‘Settings’ and select ‘Power Steering’ – turn AI-control on or off for improved handling and control freedom. Traction control level – lower adjustments enable more aggressive drift, minimum adjustment disables traction control. You can mix and match different control systems in the control designer to change the position of the controls as you like (for example, a slider for speed and a gyroscope for control.)

Earn bonus points

How do you get drift points? The goal of drift events is to accumulate as many points as possible in a limited amount of time. To get as many points as possible, you must drift as long as possible and as professionally as possible. Errors and crashes on every item on the map result in the loss of all points collected for this unfinished drift. Once you’ve finished drifting and driving straight or completely, all of the points you’ve earned will add up to the total points for this race.

To earn bonus points, collect special gold tokens and blue multipliers scattered throughout the map. However, keep in mind that these tokens only add points to your current drift maneuver and only increase your overall score after you finish. There are also various objects, such as a ramp, that give you bonus points or multipliers when you drift into them. In general, there are numerous ways to earn points in Drift, and the more you practice and learn all of the complexities of the car, the car, and drift, the sooner you will become Nitro Nation’s best driver.

Nitro Nation's best driver

The suspension designs perform differently

Are drift enhancements distinct? Do they differ in any way? In drift mode, the suspension designs perform differently, despite their appearance. You can install four drawings in a suspension and change the suspension by unlocking the slider of each drawing. Indicators do not directly increase, but only the colors of the designs – yellow, blue, and black – do. There are no installation kits required, so install them and begin customizing as soon as you receive them! The basic drawing is blue, which allows for a limited range of slider adjustments; the yellow plan allows for more freedom; and the black plan allows you to freely modify the slider.

The designs are also tied to the car, so you can’t switch from one to the other. You cannot take these drawings as well; instead, simply replace them with blue, yellow, and then black. Because the pendant’s drawings do not need to be updated or redrawn, you can focus on drifting rather than drawing. Even if all black drawings are inserted, you must be cautious and keep the machine level. If you’re on the map, nothing will stop you from losing points!

Drift Season

Drift mode is now available! Drift mode is now available! Drift is a fantastic new way to play Nitro Nation! The more you stray, the more you gain! Earn more points than your opponent in Drift Racing with Bets and Drift Season to become the King of Drift! Improvements to the suspension are being made, and it is now time to put new plans into action! You will be able to fine-tune your drifting. It’s simple to learn and grow into a configuration wizard.

You will enjoy many new drift activities, some of which you may be familiar with, such as drift racing with betting, but others are completely new and designed specifically for drifting! There are two new avenues to pursue (each has a night and day version). For experienced drifters, drift around the new Dock area, or optimize your speed on the Track map for drift rolls.

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