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Mech Arena: The Robot Showdown is a FREE multi-player competition robot

Mech Arena: The Robot Showdown is a FREE multi-player competition robot with deep gameplay, intense team combat, and stunning 3D graphics.

Fighting takes five minutes in tight, fast-paced PvP gameplay levels. Every second will be spent in a battle with firearms blazing. Real-time Fights between five massive, terrifying robots never looked good!

Choose from dozens of combat robots and weaponry with unique capabilities for an infinite number of combinations, and then customize them for each new fight. Meet new people and form teams in the spirited Control Point. Capture rounds and ferocious Team Deathmatch battles determine war tides.

Why not take the moral high ground? Support your sniper mech team. Do you want to get up close and personal? Choose an auto cannon-equipped Mech, respawn, and leap back. With instantaneous live matchmaking, you can go from pocket to live in less than 30 seconds in this robot game!

Fight with your friends, destroy global tournaments, personalize it, and turn your legend into the baddest Mech Arena pilot: robot showdown. Be a sharpshooter… the entire world is watching!

baddest Mech Arena pilot

sniper mech team

Understanding the Various Mech Types

Before we get into the best mechs in each category, we’d like to talk about the various categories. Because a mech’s type determines many of his attributes, including the type and mix of weapons he can equip, making them suitable to play a variety of roles in a match.

At the start of the game, there are four main types of mech, which include:

  • Tank: Strong, robust mexes that are frequently the slowest robots in the game but have enough power to equip some of the most powerful weaponry. Their play style is ideal for defending points with impenetrable walls, but they are not good at chasing or fighting quick goals.
  • Attacker: An all-around mech with a good balance of attack and defense. They also have the most power in the game, allowing them to equip the more powerful weapons and turn them into destructive arsenals. Though not as strong as tanks, they can be used for both defense and attack.
  • Scout: These recon mechs are best suited for exploring and marking objectives, as well as transmitting combat information to their squads. Despite the lack of true firepower, they are quick and can sneak through opposing defenses to capture points or distract them. However, do not attempt to travel with anyone while using a Scout mech.
  • Support: Support mexicans, who excel at neither offense nor defense, are the most diverse of all the robots, with effects that can heal teammates, plant traps in the field that injure their opponents, or even temporarily disable their enemies.

The correct mech for the situation and your play style can make or break your performance.

The Best Tank Mech

The launch consists of three distinct tank mechs, each with a unique skill. Even if Brickhouse is the best (and most expensive) mech in this category, we must go with Ares as our best tank mech.

At the start, this mech has an average energy capacity of up to 12 points, allowing him to equip competent weaponry. And, while it won’t do much damage, it’s no substitute for a mech like Ares. Because of its defensive capability, this robot can launch a massive barrier that blocks a portion of the enemy’s fire until it cracks. This barrier is great for defending points as well as covering friends who may need to reload and giving them some breathing room.

The Best Scout Mech

Scouts are designed for fast-paced play, with players zipping around the field faster than anyone else. As a result, they can act as recon units, transmit intelligence to their team, intercept the enemy, engage them on their own terms, and avoid ambushes. This service, however, comes at a cost: Scouts are neither durable nor powerful.

However, one Scout stands out for its massive energy capacity, which exceeds that of the most expensive Attacker mech. Surge is the Scout, and it has an incredible energy capacity of 18, allowing it to carry some decent weapons. This ability, however, comes at a cost: the Scouts are the slowest of all. And, while it can become slower than everyone else in its category, it remains faster than any mech in all other categories. Furthermore, its one-of-a-kind ability allows it to charge at high speeds while causing an EMP effect on any units that collapse while loading.

Surge, on the other hand, is unquestionably your best bet if you’re looking for a quick unit with a powerful attacking capability.

you're looking for a quick unit

The Best Support Mech

As previously stated, the support role in Mech Arena is the most versatile, and as a result, there is no clear winner in this category. Your choice here is entirely dependent on what you are looking for in a support mech. However, everyone agrees that since everyone could benefit from improved health and the ability to restore HP, M.D. is the best support mechanism because of its active ability to do so.

Aside from M.D. restaurants, you can also use Cheetah to lay mines that deal massive damage, or Zephyr to apply an EMP effect to all adjacent foes, effectively stopping them in their tracks and disabling all of their weapons for a short period of time.

Best combination for your battle style


Live mech wars with real players from all over the world will put your skills to the test. Join your friends and compete in the rankings as your robots compete for glory!


With rankings and achievements, there are numerous ways to earn prizes for your war bots. When you’re ready, join Tournaments to demonstrate your worth in all-out wars with the PvP mech. Ascend the divisions, take the equipment, and be afraid.


Even in your first PvP battle, intuitive controls make it simple to get your war robots hung. Do you want to play it your way? Controls can be customized to meet the needs of your war bots. Then go out there and master mech wars!


You’re a scout, right? Sniper? Is the shooter just running in with his guns on fire? In this robot game, there is always a mech loadout that is suitable for you. To make your war robots stand out, add unique skins or paint jobs.

unique skins or paint jobs


Gather your friends, plan your team strategy, build war bots that are compatible, and fight side by side in mech wars. Bring Facebook friends or find for them on the battlefield. It’s like having a LAN party in your pocket with Mech Arena: Robot Showdown!


Fight it out in the nearby Mech Arena. PvP tasks can be completed at the Mesa Verde site, or you can watch robots fight among the Elon Station Gray stars. Shoot down enemy war bots under the neon lights of the Forbidden City or fight the chilly Patterson Station. The world and beyond are your arenas in this robot game.


Long-range artillery from cover, smart missiles to shoot corners, frozen stasis war bots, or good old cinema and energy weaponry. Your robots are engaged in combat with all of them. They’re all upgradeable, so go crazy.


With jammers, you can blind your opponents. Shoot your war robots ahead at breakneck speed. Use energy shields, jump jets, mines, and other weapons. Each map is unique; find the best combination for your battle style.


Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a shooter that is compatible with most 4G/LTE networks. As a result, you can fight mech wars and watch your robots fight from anywhere.

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