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Knighthood Hack IOS ✅ How To Cheat In Knighthood On iOS + Android MOD APK ✅

Knighthood Hack IOS

A few days ago, Knighthood Hack IOS ✅ came out, and if you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a King’s latest RPG. Yeah, the King, the Candy Crush makers, and all those other Crush games. However, this is not about matching stones, it’s much deeper.

You play as a knight, take a journey to slice monsters, meet and save the world. It is a very common idea, but there are some unexpected twists that make things exciting-and it can be a little complicated if you start your quest.

But don’t be concerned, because you can be sure that nothing will go over your head with our starters guide. We will break everything you need to know to make sure your journey gets on the best armor-clad foot.

Do you have questions or suggestions that other players may consider helpful and make sure you chuck them out in the comments below – after all, it is valuable to share.

Knighthood Hack Android

Knighthood Hack APK

Knighthood Video Guide Tutorial

Knighthood Hack IOS Know What You’ve Got

You have two assaults from the very beginning – your mounted arms and your gauntlet – and they have different strengths and weaknesses to remember.

Guns are both strong and poor against enemies you’ll battle, but the game will tell you in a helpful way before you start a level if your equipped equipment will help you against enemies that you’re fighting against.

The same is true of your heroes – other characters you call to help you fight. Their attacks load up when you battle weapons, but they have special moves you can only activate with your gauntlet.

You can click on the screen or press your gauntlet, and chain attacks fill your meter faster. You have to select which of your two heroes will attack when the special move is ready.

These special movements are critical for success – they allow you to heal, harm multiple opponents and more. Learning to use them at the right time is very necessary, so don’t waste them.

Knighthood Hack APK Chain Your Attacks

Since the game is turn-based, you have four action points to use in real time if you go to attack. To attack is one thing, but make sure that you chain the attacks in combos to make the most of your turn.
You will use your sword and gauntlet to keep these chains running and you can earn a huge increase in damage or your special move charge depending on your last move.

Often in the middle of the chain you destroy an enemy but don’t worry-swipe towards the next enemy and hold the chain going and still get extra rewards from the attacks.

Upgrade Your Gear

You will get new weapons very frequently, but you will have to upgrade what you have in order to stay up to the level of the monsters that you are battling.

There are mines you unlock that offer materials to strengthen not only your weapons, but also your armor and other equipment. In addition, additional materials are found in chests and as bonuses for the finishing stages.

Seek to keep your equipment at the same amount as your knight and you will do well. Use XP scrolls on your characters, which are again contained in chests and missions, to ensure they are sufficiently tough to do as well as the game.

You’re a rage knight, born to fight and to win in this new role-playing game. Fight friends and enemies in a world of living dreams, filled with enigmatic monsters and strong enemies, aspiring to become the country’s most-feared and successful Rage Knight.

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• Win rare gems in hunting and searching to improve your equipment and your game.

• Gather old heroes to fight for you and in need, invoke their awesome skills.

• Pick your strategy for RPG. Knighthood hack meethack Choose your guns and heroes to match your goals and win the fight!

• Make sure to master your RPG fighter skills: Build a perfect chain of attacks between weapons, gauntlet and hero strength.

• Fellow knights beat, and become the PvP hero.


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