Illusion Connect Code 12 New Code & Update

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Gacha games are not likely to decline as strategy-focused role-playing games like Genshin Effect have found a different audience. Illusion Connect focuses on relationships and a real-time strategy style battle. Without currency any form of company would not be viable.

That’s why we came up with a list of Illusion Connect codes so that you can keep your roster completely upgraded and in great combat shape while still getting more summons and adding more characters to battle.

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Illusion Connect is a mobile real-time strategy game that will help you create your Squadrons, and interact with them through various social atmospheres. With more than 50 malcontents at your hands, turn the Nightmares into your zombie loyal friends.

1. Clever real-time fights.

This game is fast-paced, very confusing, and easily becomes repetitive. You should be their chief and lead them to victories.

2. Strategic assaults.

Make use of a variety of tactics by interacting with the main character. Create unshakable groups of Radiants that can save the day!

3. A glowing collection of heroics.

If you want to know more about your squad, get to know each one of them! Recruit 50 living 2-D characters with customizable qualities.

4. Grow your Radiants.

It is useful to watch the Radiants to understand them better. The more close you are, the more strong you are against the monsters.

5. Plan your dream house.

You can create a supreme home for you and your family. Arrange all of your furniture and hang artwork on the walls. Make your residence as nice and convenient as you can for your Radiant and enjoy your spare time.

Illusion Connect Codes:


How do illusion connect codes work?

Re-use your key summon tickets, partner stones, gift boxes, and many other items. Since Illusion Connect launched lately, there are plenty of mechanisms to choose from.

How do I redeem Illusion Connect Codes?

You simply need to open up Unity, and then tap on the image of your avatar in the top left corner. Here, you’ll find the third box which has the words ‘Redeem’ in it. Click on that and type your code to unlock our prizes!.

Where can I obtain more illusion connect codes?

The best place to find more Illusion Connect codes is on the Illusion Connect game’s Reddit and Discord sites. You will find out about updates and giveaways from Illusion Connect’s Facebook and Twitter.

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