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Frostborn Coop Survival

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Arrange your own castle and unleash the strength of the gods in order to battle the armies of the dead. You can recreate the old greatness of the Viking by constructing a new capital from scratch and taking the country to unexplored areas for adventure. All of this and more will be available to you in the latest multiplayer survival RPG, Frostborn!

multiplayer survival RPG



The planet was sunk into dark.

In the rugged lands of Midgard, the dead wander at midday in plain sight. The waters from rivers sear your throat. Valkyries no longer carry the fallen in battle to the hall of Valhalla. And something dark is lurking inside the vast woods and mountain pass. Both these horrific occurrences will be the works of the dark witch Hel. In just three weeks, Baba Miya used her dark sorcery to overthrow the kingdom.

People no longer perish.

You are the courageous Viking who once did not face death. Healers and shamans shrug their heads on what is happening. In that case, you’ll have to keep battling as long as you can before you reach your destination, the land of the dead.

No one is an island.

Frostborn is MMORPG setting with elements of co-op survival playing with Vikings.

Berserk, wizard or assassin – These are the options to pick from.

RPG games have different classes that are appropriate for some groups of players. Are you set for armoured combat? You can choose a Defender, Berserk or Thrasher. You could rather keep your distance from your adversary and loiter behind bushes. Pathfinder is still at your service! Are you one of those who lurk in the back-wood and stab the one in front?. Often pick a bandit,
Robber or rapist! It is not limited to that.

To win all potential fights.

Cooperation with other players or to invade and kill other players in the wilds of Midgard. Agree with another family and cooperate with them in the raid, or inform on them for resources, both sides would be affected. Today’s planet is a jungle where the best live.

Plow the path to fame and eternal fame.

Equip yourself with all the abilities and things you need to triumph over the enemy’s dark sorcery. Strong walls and good foods and wonderful potions and lethal traps – splendid weapons – mythical jewels. Or maybe design your own replica of Vikings longships.

Build your own city.

Powerful walls, expansive buildings and knowledgeable shop-keepers – this is not all that needs to be reinvented to open up the city to tourists. But be ready for a long journey; a city cannot be established overnight. Cooperation with other Vikings and the denizens of your city to kill the Dark Mages.

There’s darkness in the underground.

Discover the roots of gods – This is a must-play MMORPG!

Try and play survival game from Kefir game company, the developers of Last Day on Earth and Bleak Spirit. Join now and in 15 days you will be able to live like a Viking.

What’s new

It’s now possible to create your own district in New Heim. There will be more NPCs because this phase continues.
– Inserted two large shopping bags full of building supplies for you to buy.
– 2 additional currencies, silver and authority points – for creating a community and financing city services.
– Mainly reworked tutorials.
– A lot of cosmetic changes.
– The reliability of iconic weapons improved by 40%.
– Rebalanced blueprints, new crafting materials, and new experts.

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