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Evil Hunter Tycoon – Nonstop Fighting & Building

Evil Hunter Tycoon – Nonstop Fighting & Building is a contradicting Super Planet survival action game (Korea). The story of a cruel dictatorship, which could not be more serious, is under her cute disguised. You play Hunter and fight against super-powered enemies with your teammates. The game is now available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Play the role of one of the Hunters chosen at the beginning

“The Dark Lord’s rising” is the first step of the game Evil Hunter Tycoon. Carefully, Hunters, “the desperate survival game of the survivors begins.” He continues with the similar “blutial” quote.

desperate survival game of the survivors begins

you keep on traveling

In the game, you will play the role of one of the Hunters chosen at the beginning. Level 1 is always straightforward. The initial challenges will be masterfully overcome. The boss is likewise weak and fights little.

Then you keep on traveling. Like the other hunters of the next class, you will progressively find out that the game is “evil.” Distinction and sophistication of dark forces began to appear in the Penthouse TV series. Some bad guys might dig somewhere in the village you built an infiltration tunnel. And a spy who wants to murder you is among the soldiers you have just recruited. The unexpectedness makes the player goosebumps, but the sweet “charming scene” around him and the sweet appearance of the characters soon soften him.

Each class has its own set of skills and combat styles

In only one minute of carelessness, the entire “real estate” you’ve worked so hard to cultivate could disintegrate into a cloud of smoke, and the entire crowd following you will turn against you and become enemies. You are stabbed in the back and shoved out of the way of victory at any moment. So, be alert, alert, alert in any situation and mission.

What is the game’s purpose for us?

You will be able to customize your appearance, gender, outfit, unique weapon, and journey as a Hunter. Life, on the other hand, does not have any freebies. Perhaps more restrictive is the game system. Not so much, but it does push you to embark on a long, arduous journey ahead, complete with a series of quests that sound thrilling but will exhaust you.

The first mission is to restore the town that has been lost (by the super evil dictator and his army, of course).

The second quest requires you to train a group of powerful hunters. You must form a team because you cannot fight alone.

Quest #3: It’s almost time for the big day! Prepare your army and get ready to fight. The broken screen sometimes shows a menacing yet tantalizing phrase, ‘Darkness Front Yard!’ at this stage. It’s right in front of your eyes. Simply keep playing at a low speed. Best regards!
Choose your Hunter.

The Hunters in Evil Hunter Tycoon are divided into eight groups based on their strength and position. Each class has its own set of skills and combat styles. The difficulty of the Hunters varies according to the number of units available. The more individuals there are (i.e., the more soldiers), the more difficult it is to organize, train, and discipline them. Nonetheless, the army is formidable in response, crushing the enemy in an instant on occasion.

Beautiful graphics and easy-to-use user interface

One of Evil Hunter Tycoon’s best features is its user interface. Despite the fact that it is a survival combat game, the gui is not only stylish but also calming to the mind. Although the plot is grim, the Hunters are adorable as chibi. They have an uncanny ability to make you fall in love.

From the highest levels of leadership to soldiers, all of the characters in the game have the ability to connect with one another in a slow, simple manner. These talking screens are also incredibly smooth, easy to see, understand, and cinematic, thanks to the adorable gui. In terms of design, the quote appears to be extremely simple to read, short, and devoid of redundancy.

The game’s rules are provided very smoothly thanks to the commands, and the war is made a little easier as a result. The combat is actually quite easy, but the final boss is quite difficult to beat.

A new update for Evil Hunter Tycoon has been released.

Level 3 is the most common level right now, and it will be improved in the latest version this year. The Class Change feature will have more choices in the future. The array of eye-catching Academy Uniform Costumes has now been extended in both quantity and quality.

How to Reincarnate Hunters

Reincarnation is Evil Hunter Tycoon’s ascension scheme. We’ll learn how to reincarnate hunters and the advantages of doing so in this simple guide:

A hunter’s degree is reset when he or she is “reincarnated.” Their starting stats, on the other hand, would be considerably higher than before. The reincarnation portal is located next to the cave where new hunters are spawned.

A hunter must first reach level 100 to begin this procedure. Read these simple Evil Hunter Tycoon: Leveling Tips to learn how to easily level up hunters.

Tap on a character when he reaches level 100, then on “Reincarnation,” which is to the left of “thing.” It will take a few moments to reincarnate a character.

You’ll find that the hunter has returned to level 1 after the process is completed. Select the “Hunters” tab, then the reincarnated character. His initial attribute stats are much higher than they were previously.

You must reincarnate two characters to unlock Normal difficulty. Please bear in mind that in Normal mode, only reincarnated hunters are able to defeat monsters. If you have more hunters in your team who haven’t been reincarnated yet, they won’t be able to battle monsters of greater difficulty. Learn how to easily level up all hunters to level 100 with this Evil Hunter Tycoon: Training Ground Guide.

And finally, I would like to highlight again the powerful message of Evil Hunter Tycoon is: “Don’t piss off those who want to survive.” Download the following links to Evil Hunter Tycoon – Nonstop Fighting & Building.

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