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Errant Hunter’s Soul Hack IOS, Android 🔰 How to Get Unlimited Crystals, Gold BEST Hack


Errant: Hunter’s Soul SEA (also known as the NA / EU version of Rangers of Oblivion) was launched recently for the Android and iOS platform, and it quickly became a hit among gamers hoping for something like the old favorite handheld Monster Hunter.

Errant: Hunter Soul Hack Gold takes place in a world where the continent has been invaded by monsters called Behemoths. The surviving humans had no choice but to flee and seek shelter in towns surrounded by high strong walls, shielding them from the horrors and destruction brought by these Behemoths. But not all of them are happy to cower behind these walls. Human beings have fought back, setting up the Rangers, a military force made up of people with the special ability to wield Hunter Souls: spiritual beings with immense power. They are trying to fight back against the Behemoths together with their fellow rangers and the force of Hunter Souls to regain the earth once again.

The game is capable of mastering a multitude of different firearms games. We’ll give you a background on each gun in this short guide so you’ll be ready to face the Behemoths outside the walled cities ‘ defense.

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While the game may be relatively easier for veterans of Monster Hunter, mobile garners are looking for a great and not overly challenging game. The graphics are top-class, the controls and interface are simple to get used to, and it is highly appropriate the relative grind expected for free players. If you’re not a fan of the Monster Hunter series, or if you’ve played it before but found it too hard, then try to see Errant: Hunter’s Soul for yourself and find out why most of the people who played it have positive reviews.

Errant: Hunter’s Soul Hack takes you to the Errant Kingdom, where the remaining human survivors seek to recover lost parts of the human territory with the aid of their rangers after a huge monster attack. As a young ranger inclined to ease the behemoth population in the forest that surrounds humanity, your aim is to hunt down as many of the herculean monsters that roam about. Throughout the day, it won’t be a hunt marathon as the essences and resources you obtain from your hunts can be used to create new gears.

You’re not going to be alone on your journey as the challenges start to climb the more you advance. Many NPCs will join you in your hunts, and even better, to make the hunts a little easier, you can pair with other players around the globe. There is plenty of strategy and planning needed in each upcoming battle, and the better half of your fighting tools are keen observation coupled with fast reflexes. In addition to the advantages of each set of gears with which you arm yourself, advanced rangers must be able to customize each piece and mix and match armor sets depending on the target behemoth’s skills and weakness.

There’s a lot of information to remember when you continue playing Errant: Hunter’s Soul. There are plenty of videos and tips on each new activity and feature to make it easier for even complete beginners to make progress. As most travels can be automated in the map, mounts can be obtained, making travel even quicker. You will take a long way to understand everything you need to know just by following the quest line on your first go. It’s awesome that it’s easy to win against the initial set of goal behemoths irrespective of your preference weapon and skill levels. Repeating simple quests for both training and additional materials will help total newbies a lot

Many basic mechanics and tips that we can share with new as well as moderately experienced players in the game may still exist. If you have a little trouble advancing your level and going forward with fiercer hunts, then our Errant: Hunter’s Soul Beginner’s guide, including tips, cheats and tactics, will certainly bring you to speed.

Try to focus on each gun in the first place

Errant has seven unique weapons: Hunter’s Soul and each offer distinctive styles of play that in some situations make one more effective than the other. But don’t get the wrong idea, because with any weapon of choice you can defeat any behemoth. Since it’s mostly about how you use each weapon, be sure to try out each one before deciding on the best one you’d like to concentrate on most of your game. While you can easily switch from one weapon to the next, it will take a lot of time and effort to gather materials to craft variations of each type of weapon, particularly when you craft higher-level weapons with loads of rare materials.

Prioritize Key Questions Completion

Main Quests serve as the starting point of any game, like many other online RPGs. Many side missions and challenges will continue to appear as you advance and there is also an ample need to farm additional materials for present and future needs. Errant: Hunter’s Soul is not without side missions and a multitude of errands, but in order for you to be able to progress your game faster, you need to concentrate on the main missions at hand and only pause when you need to find better equipment to do so. It is best to unlock as many features as you can early on so that when you are more powerful, the side missions will be much easier to accomplish later.

There are no limiting factors such as endurance in the game to control the speed by which you can advance your game and you can spend as much as you like in the game. Obviously, as the main story missions continue to become more difficult, don’t be distracted by stronger behemoths standing between you and completing your quest. Unlike Monster Hunter, which is Errant’s most comparable game: Hunter’s Soul, you can do even tougher battles regardless of your gun and armor collection. A bit of ability, persistence, and dedication is more necessary.

Use your monster soul to the full

You’re going to be made to choose a monster soul early in the game that you’re going to use for most of your career. To step this up, you can easily acquire a lot of materials, but more importantly, you know fully what each and every skill it endows you can do in combat. Take the God of the Hunter Soul of Warmonger Ares, for example. For a period of time, Titan Heal provides instant 25% healing plus HP regeneration. Demon Blood initiates a Life Steal Effect that can sustain the moe damage you inflict on a monster to your health. Finally, Victory Rush gives you a 30% boost in damage to disabled ghosts, such as when they are paralyzed, stunned, or down

Reading through the description of what each hunter soul’s ability to do should give you an idea of when to use it. There are limits to each skill per game, so make sure you use them wisely.

You may be tempted to use your hunter souls skills early on to make sure you don’t waste any of them but save them to the middle of the battle for the best effects because things get a little more difficult when the monster gets mad before it’s about to die. Make sure to save the healing skills as much as you can and do not panic while your HP is still above 50% unless the behemoth will kill you with so much HP

Take the time to watch the behavior of the Behemoth

The rest of the Errant kingdom’s normal-sized monsters are easy pickings and essentially portable dummies for practice. Each behemoth sports a multitude of skills and gestures that can really damage you and your companions a great deal. For the first time, when you meet a behemoth, spend the first moments watching it from a good distance. You may note that movements can always be detected before an attack or skill is unleashed. As you watch the battle you’re a NPC companion, you should take note of openings before and after each type of attack and, depending on the weapon you’re using, you should plan how to strike as you engage it.

If it’s hard to read the message from your friend warning you that the beast you’re chasing is furious, it’s not going to be hard to note the eerie glow in his eyes that would surely give you a sign that you need to be more alert. Enraged behemoths prefer to use more resources than when they are relatively calm. Some behemoths even move a little faster than before, so adjustments to the timing of observation are a must-have to ensure your hunt victory. Reduce the number of attacks or skills you normally unleash when a behemoth is angry for a more defensive approach. Especially if you have only fought a specific target a few times, it is much better to take a less aggressive approach even if it takes a lot longer to achieve your target, Android.

Don’t forget you can roll your ranger. With a perfectly timed roll, a lot of the enemy’s abilities can be avoided as it gives a mild invulnerability gap to avoid damage while you’re moving. If pressed constantly, as some types of weapons use variations of their attack, learn when and how to roll under any circumstances. There will be many times where you can’t roll as you’re in the middle of a skill attack or when the animation of your weapon’s attack is still in play. If by any behemoth you get tail slapped or struck in anyway, spamming on the roll button will also do you good when you hit ground rolling for protection or start an immediate attack instead of lying flat on your back, iOS.


  • Key Stat–is the potential to increase the most among all the other stats. Equivalent to + 20 for a full set of Evolved lvl 70.
  • Sub Stat 1–is the ability of all the other stats with the second highest increase. Equivalent to + 15 for a full set of Evolved lvl 70.
  • Sub Stat 2–is the skill of all other stats with the third highest rise. Only available on equipment from Lvl 50 and above. Equivalent to + 10 for a full set of Evolved lvl 70.
  • Sub Stat 3A–is the ability of all other stats with the lowest stat increase. Also available on equipment from Lvl 70 and above. Equivalent to + 3 on a full set of Evolved lvl 70.
  • Sub Stat 3B–is the ability of all other stats with the second lowest stat increase. Also available on equipment from Lvl 70 and above. Equivalent to + 6 on a full set of Evolved lvl 70.
  • Neg Stat–is an armor set’s negative stat effect.


The first thing people will tell you when you hear the word critical is PRECISION, PRECISION, GASH, GASH, though I understand that this is the basic status and looks appealing, it’s more crucial than those 2 figures.


  • Max Effect: Crit Chance Increases by 24% Note: uses too many points for limited returns, each Tier unlocks just 3% more. Easily replaceable with Blood Stones Critical Chance. At full bone
  • Fiend you get+ 20 which is just like you need four (4) tier 3 Aztatoth Hunter Soul to hit 40 or a very expensive ring at 12 percent. Best is to leave at the age of 20.
  • Sources: Bone Fiend (Main), Dragon Azure (Sub1), Circlet Redbud and Hunter Soul Aztatoth (Mystic).


  • Max Effect: Crit Damage Increases by 24 percent
  • Note: 5-6 percent per tier is pretty decent. Because it starts at a fairly high amount, it is worth getting it. Also remember that Stigma and Weapon Mastery will come to play later, so I’d suggest that 25 Gash would be a good number because it’s worth decreases from that level.
  • Sources: King Kong (Main), Dragon Rainbow (Main) and Hunter Soul Naiya (Mystic)


  • Max effect: it enables 100 percent criter chance and 15 percent Crit damage after starting 3 attacks w/o triggering criter.
  • Note: Most critical when equipping negative Critical Percentage guns.
  • Sources: Gargoyle Thunder (Sub2), Horned Beast Seat (Sub1) and Hunter Soul Tsukuyo (Nature).


  • Max effect: trigger additional 15 percent Crit Chance & Crit Damage after 3 minutes start. Sets as soon as you expire.
  • Note: In my view, you’re getting a permanent Crit Chance & Damage boost if you don’t die in the search and beyond for 3 minutes. But if you’re doing a speed run, it’s probably worthless for you because after 3 minutes you can’t capitalize on any of its advantages.
  • Source: Bolt Wolf (Sub1[+15]), Chimera (Sub2[+10]), Obsidian (Sub3A[+3]) and Hunter Soul (Titan)

So you got it there. We hope this guide will help you pick your Errant weapon: Hunter Soul. Note, there is no “best” weapon, and there are advantages and disadvantages for each of them. It’s up to you to show how good they can be, so start to practice today

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