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Battle Legion Hack Ios Beginner Battle Legion – Mass Battler Tips To Form Your Army And Win

100v100 Large unit fights

100v100 Large unit fights—Construct an army and watch it fight idleness—Many vehicles and skins. Pleasant endless! Fight Legion places you on an inexperienced commander’s shoes, and the legion takes memorable victories.

Designing and tweaking the army from hundreds of exclusive units from iconic sword warriors to arcane mages, machinery of the dark ages and magical living. Equip your forces with powers that fit your master plan and sit back and watch as enemy legions battle to the bitter end.

magical living


  • BITESIZED COMBAT: 20 second or less last fight.
  • LAID BACK GAMING: You’re organizing the war, and they’re waging the war.
  • AUTO-PLAY: When you go about your business every day, your legion keeps fighting.
  • COSMETICS: Pick the looks of your units, frontline and flag.
  • BATTLES PLAYER: challenge other teams on the field and learn from their tactics.
  • POWER UP: Raise the seasonal dynamic power of your units.
  • REFRESHING SEASONS: New material delivered every two weeks in the Seasons, with the 4th season marking the dawn of a new age.

Battle Legion has an active Discord community of more than 10K people, with players chatting about the winning tactics, advice and game creation – with devs also taking part in chat. Weekly streams on Youtube and group activities!

Battle Legion 1-8 rank GUIDE

Here is assistance for beginners who want to create a strong army:

Rank: 1-3

There’s a very easy rule in these ranks to win almost any match:

3 high-level front shield bearers

3-5 high hammer throwers in the center

3-4 bows on the back

1-2 killers (if you have it)

Rank: 4

I still used the formula of level 1-3 for these ranks, but with an external device, such as an AA or a hammer basher or a cart.

Rank: 5

This is a rank at which many choices are open now. It’s only one I’ve used:

(Everything is in the left bottom corner)

The key component is the AA tower, which ruins several sports.

There are next to it:

A wizard of ice. Perhaps the most important soldier in this tactic. It freezes opponents, pits them in front of troops and AA towers and causes good damage. This brings a squad of soldiers out of the game. If this dies, the army will lose 9/10 times.

A monk fence. This defends the AA tower and its surrounding units from arches and hammer arms.

Archers. Archers. These varied from harm in the circle.

There are 4-5 shield bearers around such units. This cause some harm, but mostly prevent attackers from the circle. These kill soldiers frozen by the ice magician.

There is a thorn shield at the back. This killed the killers.

Two assassins are on top. These take away many of the soldiers of the opposing army. Typically the middle and center are the most dangerous troops on the other hand.

Battle Legion 023 – top20 meta check – 3 alternatives to rd!

Frontline defences

I think it should be clear, but it is extremely important to position your units in combat and you do not want to put sluggish units on the back of the pack if that is not obvious. Instead, you want them forward.

In front of you even want traps and barriers, if these elements fit well in your whole game plan. I personally propose that I take offense all-in as the best defense in a successful offence.

You want the heavier, slower, high-powered units to tank damage and split frontlines, while other units step straight back.


That said, alone with long-range units, you will certainly win wars if you play smart. You’re wonderful archers, and trust me, you’re going to want a damn fine squad – at least two arching sets, improved to the full.

Greater, harder opponents are frequently felled only by archers who can band up from behind while other groups serve as distractions. Just a squad of archers can inflict suffering, even though they appear to be more valuable for other groups.

Actually, just to prove my case, attempt a couple of stages with only archers and walls. Oh, max the points out on your arches and doors, maybe a trap or two, and watch how the matches go. You’re going to be happily shocked.

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